Call for Abstracts

We invites abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations and Pre-recorded for On demand.
When to submit the abstracts

For Oral and Poster Presentations and Pre-recorded for On demand.
From Monday 1st July 2024 to the Noon (JST) Sunday 2nd September 2024

Registration for this conference is also mandatory for the presentation of abstracts.

Presentation format Details

Please select the presentation format of your choice as below. However, the final decision on the presentation format will be left to the conference presidents.
The decided presentation format will be announced at the time of notification of acceptance of abstracts. Please note that we may not always be able to meet your request.

Presentation time will vary depending on the session.
General presentation: 6 minutes for presentation, 4 minutes for Q&A
(Note that oral presentations are planned for the general presentations, but some of them may be posters, depending on the number of applications. The format of the presentation will be left to the discretion of the conference presidents.)

Abstract submission guidelines

Abstracts should be prepared as follows
Title of the abstract: 200 characters or less (including spaces)

Abstract body: 1440 characters or less (including spaces)
      *If figures or tables are included, should not exceed 940 characters.
Number of speakers (first author + co-authors): up to 21
Number of affiliated institutions: Up to 5 institutions

*Please note that the submission could not be accepted if the number of characters for any presentation format is exceeded the pre-defined number of characters.

  • ・We recommend that you create the text file separately and use the copy function to paste it into the box for the abstract body at the bottom.
  • ・Please write only text and do not include figures or tables.

Notification of receipt of abstracts and results of acceptance/
rejection of abstracts

  • 1. An email will be sent to the registered email address to notify you that your data has been submitted. If you do not receive the e-mail, your registered e-mail address may be incorrect. Please check your registered e-mail address on the “Confirmation and Correction” page.
    You will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of your abstract by e-mail.
  • 2. The conference presidents have the right to decide whether your abstract has been accepted or rejected.

Confirmation and Revision of Abstracts

You may review and modify your abstract as many times as you like during the abstract submission period. To review and modify your abstract, please login with your registration number and password by clicking the “Review & Modify” button below.

Precautions for abstract submission

The data you have submitted will be used in the abstract submission process.
Please be careful not to make any typographical errors or omit the registration of co-authors.

Classification of Oral/Poster presentations/Pre-recorded for On demand


Handling of Personal Information

The information received at the time of abstract registration will be used only for the purpose of operating the 29th Biennial Meeting of the International Health Evaluation and Promotion Association 2025.


Congress Secretarist
Tokyo 103-0023, JAPAN

The IHEPA is a joint conference with the 53rd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Health Evaluation and Promotion.